History Written!

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” 

Winston Churchill

Z to A Countdown: H for History

These are some elements of African history and culture, compliments of Carnivore restaurant in Johannesburg.

Kgosi (King) Mogale (‘the brave one’) acclaimed as one the first freedom fighters in South Africa. He reclaimed his ancestral land from European invaders. Mogale was chief of the Setswana speaking Bapo tribe.

King Moshoeshoe established the nation of the Basotho in Basutoland (today known as the Kingdom of Lesotho). His legacy is that of military strength and diplomacy, through which he expanded and strengthened his kindgom.

Queen modjadji, the rain queen. Chieftainess of the BaLovedu tribe, a people of the Limpopo Province (my home province) of South Africa. She is considered one of the most powerful rainmakers (i.e. believed to have powers to summon rain) in Southern Africa. Read here for more history.


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