Nothing But A Wooden Door Hinge

almost looks like a wooden door hinge

Dominick Turnbull wrote a poem in reply to the Jeff Opperman’s ‘nothing rhymes with orange‘ poem post I did a week or two back.

Please check the poem out and find more of Dominick’s poems at A Poem a Day.
I think the poem is great – really creative. Thank you Dominick.


Posted by Dominick Turnbull of A Poem a Day

I read a poem once,
written by someone, not a nonce.

He was complaining about a colour,
why nothing rhymed with orange but I’m sure;

There’s fields of azure everywhere,
orchards, trees, bearing fruit, the pear.

I’ve walked many a meadow of yellow,
feeling rather breezy, calm and mellow.

I’ve suffered pain, life felt black,
emotions, love, all these I did lack.

Remember that ocean, a deep dark blue,
swimming through crashing waves is all I do.

Yet nothing rhymes with ORANGE! Said the man
but yet I’m sure there’s a word that can.

Why is that word hidden from view,
every colour I know has a friend for you.

So why does nothing rhyme with orange?
Well, nothing but a wooden door’s hinge.

This is a poem, inspired by Jeff Opperman’s poem about orange. A very melancholic poem about the lack of words that rhyme with orange. Well, there is at least one. The lonely hinge. Always forgotten! Thanks to ntebogeng archer for the post where I discovered the poem [see the link]. Hope you enjoy Jeff’s and my poems!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Much appreciated! It’s nice to get some recognition.

    I really like the photo that accompanies it.

    1. thanks to you. super poem you wrote.

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