The Kilwin’s sweetness of LIFE

This is the menu, have your pick!

Ice cream is nice, but I like frozen yoghurt better. Since migrating from South Africa to the US, I am always on the look out for new frozen yoghurt places to try out. On this occasion we were in Sarasota and as per normal I opted for a frozen yoghurt. My husband who has the sweetest tongue I know, went for his usual ice cream option, except this time he bought a Kilwin’s cookies & cream ice cream!! Sooo delicious, for once I regretted my frozen yoghurt choice..LOL! I haven’t tried all the other sweet stuff they sell, but the ice cream is sooo good!

We revisited Kilwin’s yesterday and I had a sweet idea… do my Z to A countdown: K for Kilwin’s :-).

What franchise in the US (we are based in Florida) sells great ice cream/frozen yoghurt?


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