Z to A Countdown: Q for Quack, Quack ….

Quack – the harsh, throaty cry of a DUCK 🙂
Yep, just as tough as Q was to figure out, I was pretty impressed when I connected Q to Quack to Duck. LOL 🙂
This poor mother duck had about 13 ducklings a few weeks ago and now she only has three left. Shame 😦

Today she was so peaceful. The first time I saw her with her 13 young ones she was very aggressive and wouldn’t let you come close.

There she goes with her young ones…camouflaged with the ground 🙂


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  1. The Pal Guy says:

    Great photos. The first photo of the baby ducks is great. By the way do you know what type of duck species they are?

    1. Thank u. I actually have no idea. I will investigate.

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