Z to A Countdown: R for River

As I was preparing this post, it dawned on me that I am one of those people who use the term ‘river’ and ‘stream’ interchangeably. I had an inkling that my pictures of ‘river’ were likely a ‘stream’ (oops!). According to my research (doing away with ignorance!!!), a stream is a fast flowing body of water that originates in mountains because of rain water or melting glaciers. These photos were taken in the beautiful region of the Drakensberg Mountains (Natal Midlands region in South Africa) and this river likely flows from these mountains. A river is apparently a bigger body of water, possibly formed by streams, and may empty into the sea, ocean or another bigger body of water. I read further and came across this, “… there are no official definitions for generic terms, such as river, as applied to geographic features…” LOL…I kind of give up (someone help me spot the difference)…LOL!!!

P.S If you ever visit South Africa, I highly recommend a visit to the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains (amongst many other beautiful spots)


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  1. Tumelo Motaung says:

    Love the pictures. Remind me of driving home from KZN. 🙂

    1. Thank u. This was my first trip up the mountains. Love it.

  2. The Pal Guy says:

    P.S If i ever visit South Africa i will be sure to visit the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains. Great post.

    1. Thank u. And I can suggest other great places too 😉

  3. mapule says:

    looks like a river to me

  4. MAHLARE SM says:

    You don’t have to crack your head about whether it’s a river or stream. If you think it’s a river, it is therefore a river, but if think it’s a stream it is therefore a stream.The point is as a social group you have to agree on the use of terminology for communication. Anyway’ what size is a stream or a river? Scientific measurement, I mean. Small and big are relative terms. Tell them where you come from the beautiful pictures you took are of a river. Anybody who calls it a stream that’s what they agreed to call it where s/he comes from. (LOL!!!!!!!!)

    1. Thanks papa. U made that simple. It’s a river.

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