There is LIGHT!

“I have witnessed my share of death and despair. I have seen the hyenas come at dusk to feed on the bodies of my friends. I have been so hungry and thirsty in the dusty plains of Africa that I consumed things I would rather forget. I have crossed a crocodile-infested river while being shelled and shot at. I have walked until I thought I could walk no more. I have wondered, more times than I can count, if my friends or I would live to see a new day. Those were the times I thought God had grown tired of us.” John B Dau from the book ‘God grew tired of us’

What a great read – on the trials of life during the many years of civil war between South and North Sudan – a young boy’s journey, literally, on the run for years through the wilderness from Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and finally the USA. A story of great despair, but also of the strength of faith, friendship and hope.

“They call me a Lost Boy, but let me assure you, God has found me.” – John B Dau


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  1. Bill Chance says:

    I had the honor of meeting one of the Lost Boys here in Dallas and writing a magazine article about his struggles. He was making clay animal sculptures and selling them in local art shows.

    An amazing and harrowing story. Thanks for sharing.

    1. oh wow, i was seriously impacted by the story. would you be able to share a link to the article you wrote? than you

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