Z to A countdown: X for Xmas

I know xmas is not an ‘official’ english word, but as you can imagine, the options were not too many :-). Lol! At this point I kind of wished I was in South Africa because one of our ethnic groups is Xhosa (starts with an X). I dreamt of doing a culture feature on some unique cultural elements of the Xhosas. So that idea for another time.

These pictures are literally from my first batch of photos from when I decided to take photography as a hobby last December.


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  1. rayannsom says:

    already getting excited for x mas 😉

    1. lol. i am doing a z to a countdown… i am on X and well mmmhhhh not too many options. lol!

      1. rayannsom says:

        haha, no not many!! zzzzzz….ebra! zzzzz….land! (where I should be right now) zzzzz……ig zag patter of straws………zzzzz..ack , his name is zack.

        why z to a, why not a to z – i guess it doesn’t matter 🙂

      2. i decided to taggle the toughest ones first – a b c d ….easier right….

  2. phutzm29 says:

    hey. lovely lovely 🙂

    1. hey. let me no pls if u get this response.

      1. phutzm29 says:

        hey.i got ur response. sorry.been a while since i have checked posts. only cz i been busy. lotsa luv

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