They like ice cream?

I couldn’t believe this! We were at the Lido Beach in Sarasota the other day. My husband was eating ice cream when all of a sudden a multitude of birds came swooping down on us. I was excited because my camera is generally not of the quality to take pictures of fast flying birds at a far distance. I still don’t know what exactly happened in that moment, but I am happy I got a few shots before the ice cream was finished and they flew off. Sweet 🙂


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Stan says:

    Happy birthday my friend. I love you. 10 years and many more years of friendship to come!!!

  2. Pavitra says:

    Lucky indeed. Love the first shot, especially.

    1. Thanks. My lucky shots…lol!!

  3. MAHLARE SM says:

    I reckon those birds actually love you and the ice-cream, that is why they posed so nicely even in mid-air! lol!

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