I am really excited to share this post. My sister is a lover of all things beautiful and interior and I am dedicating this post to her!

We just came back from a weekend trip along the west coast of Florida. We were stationed in the small town of St Petersburg, but got to see a bit of the West Coast during the 3 days. So today as we were driving back to Fort Lauderdale we spent time in Sarasota. Wow! What a beautiful town!!! If you ever get a chance to visit Florida, I definitely put this town on the list of must see places ( The pictures don’t do it justice. There is so much more to the town – the feel of the town, the beautiful boutiques stores, the families hanging out on benches along the road, the gorgeous beaches…..

On the topic of beautiful boutiques (main topic)…. so we walked into a boutique called Coquillage (French for seashell) and we were completely blown away. The store sells beautiful, unique interior decor items along one of the streets of the Five Points historic walk. I walked into the store and seriously fell in love. There is this massive window in the ceiling of the store that lets in perfect sunlight. The colour combination of the different pieces (neutral, earth and mute)- oh so gorgeous! A photography dream come true. I felt like I walked onto a set and all that was missing was a photographer!

The boutique owner (Melanie) is one of the most passionate and loveliest shop owners I have met. When she talks about her store you instantly share her passion. Melanie decided to start her business 2 years ago at the height of the economic meltdown. A brave step by any means. So outside of enjoy every moment in her store, I left her store with a real sense of encouragement to live out my potential and to touch those dreams that may sometimes seem all but illusive.

This was without a doubt one of my highlights. Anyways, enough said ….the pictures follow. I think I may have to do two posts for this one.

The store details are at the end. Beautiful!

Okay, I guess I have to stop eventually :-). More pics another time. The last two…or three

COQUILLAGE, 1515 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236. Tel 941.487.7160 or
the website is still under construction


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Aaah! Sister does love a lot. Love the angles you shot and love the store. You know me too well, i already want to shop there.

  2. Great post today. I really enjoyed your photos very much. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. hey. thank you for stopping by. i was so inspired by melanie’s work!

    2. wow! i would love to learn some trick photography! have always wondered how those special effects are achieved!

      1. Yea it’s what I use. Can you please add my site to your excellent blog. Thanks again for sharing

  3. Rachael says:

    This is beautiful. Your blog is also very attractively presented. I would linger in this store for a long time.

    1. Thank u. Oh yeah this is a great store.

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