A Little European ‘City’

One of my dreams is to spend a year or two somewhere in Europe (England or something) and use that time to travel Europe. We have been very blessed to live in a really beautiful apartment complex. The architects of the ‘village’ (as it’s called) really took the time to design a beautiful little community. The village has various apartment blocks which have been divided into groups of three. Each group has apartment ‘cities’ named either after English, French or German cities. Each apartment ‘city’ is designed (as best as possible) to reflect the relevant architectural ‘style’ of each country; while each apartment ‘city’ has a unique reception area furnished in the city theme. I might not be in Europe but I do have a beautiful reminder around me :-)! I have featured one of the apartment blocks, more will follow.

If anyone has been or lives in Germany I guess you can verify first hand if the designs resemble anything to the flavour of the actual cities 🙂


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  1. I love these pictures!!!! Beautiful way of capturing your environment! Looks like little europe to me 🙂

    1. thank you friend. lol….yes our taste of Europe.

  2. Nomusa Thwala - RSA says:

    Wow I love your work, you look like you’ve been doing this for a long time, you must have a great mentor.

  3. Nomthi Mjuza says:

    I am her mentor Nomusa…hahahaha, she is self thought, a genius indeed
    they are beautiful

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